SPM Course 2013 - Presentation Slides

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Here are links to the presentation slides for the SPM Course 2013 (in PDF or Powerpoint format).

Introduction (Klaas Enno Stephan)

Practical overview of SPM (Andreea Diaconescu & Lars Kasper)

Physiological and physical foundations of fMRI measurements (Jakob Heinzle)

Spatial preprocessing (Ged Ridgway)

The General Linear Model for fMRI analyses (Klaas Enno Stephan)

Statistical inference and design efficiency (Guillaume Flandin)

Multiple comparison correction in SPMs (Justin Chumbley)

Experimental design (Sandra Iglesias)

Event-related fMRI (Christian Ruff)

Group analyses & SnPM (Tom Nichols)

Voxel-based morphometry(Ged Ridgway)

Multivariate analyses & decoding (Kay H. Brodersen)

Model-based fMRI (Christoph Mathys)

Effective connectivity & basics of DCM (Hanneke den Ouden)

Advanced DCM (Rosalyn Moran)

Code for Practical session Advanced Single Subject (Lars Kasper & Christian Ruff)