CPS HS 2014

Computational Psychiatry Seminar HS 2014

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Helene Haker, Maya Schneebeli, Klaas Enno Stephan

When: Friday 14:00 (sharp!) to 16:00, 19.09.2014 to 19.12.2014

Where: ETH Zürich, ETZ building (Gloriastrasse 35), room F 91 (F floor)

Credits: To receive credit points you can either (a) give one of the scheduled (N.N.) presentations, covering the topics and the literature suggested or (b) perform a computational modeling project and present it in the last session of the seminar (19.12.2014).

Download the full program with reading list: CPS_HS14_Autism_v1.4.pdf
Download the suggested literature: Reading_CPS_HS14_Autism.zip
Click on the name of the presenter to download the presentation.

Program Overview

Part I – Introduction

Clinical impression incl. case presentations

1. Session, 19.09.14  –  Clinical introduction I – Asperger’s Syndrome (S. u. M. Schneebeli*)

2. Session, 26.09.14  –  Clinical introduction II – Early childhood autism (R. Gundelfinger)

Previous findings: Cognition

3. Session, 03.10.14  –  Visual system (Eduardo Aponte)

4. Session, 10.10.14  –  Motor system (Viivi Jokinentext)

5. Session, 17.10.14  –  Higher order cognition (Alpha Renner)

6. Session, 24.10.14  –  Social cognition (Evelyn Chen)

Previous findings: Biology

8. Session, 07.11.14  –  Biology (Isabel Berwian) – mind the date!

Part II – Computational modeling

Modeling behavior

7. Session, 31.10.14  –  Bayesian modeling of cognition (Lilian Weber) – mind the date!

9. Session, 14.11.14  –  Bayesian modeling of social cognition (Jean Daunizeau)

10. Session, 21.11.14  –  Bayesian accounts of ASD (Andreea Diaconescu, Prezi Link)

Modeling biology

11. Session, 28.11.14  –  Neuronal connectivity (Po-Jui Lu)

12. Session, 05.12.14  –  Modeling connectivity (Sudhir Shankar Raman/Jakob Heinzle)


13. Session, 12.12.14  –  Experimental paradigms (Maya Schneebeli)

14. Session, 19.12.14  –  Project presentations (David Blair, Alvaro Gomariz Carrillo, Miura Hawkins, Lulu Wang)

*the content of this presentation is protected by copyright and will be distributed to the participants by email for the personal use in the context of this seminar only.