CPS FS 2015

Computational Psychiatry Seminar FS 2015

EEG Signal Processing: Theory and practice

Gabor Stefanics, Tina Wentz, and Klaas Enno Stephan

When: Friday 14:00 (sharp!) to 16:00, 20.02.2015 to 29.05.2015

Where: ETH Zürich, ETZ building (Gloriastrasse 35), room F 91 (F floor)

Credits: To receive credit points you must either
(a) complete exercises from at least 4 chapters from Cohen 2014 (three sets of exercises from chapters 11-19, and one set from 20-34)
(b) complete a Dynamic Causal Modeling exercise using SPM.

Download the full program with reading list here.
Download link to the suggested literature will be sent by email.
Click on the name of the presenter to download the presentation.

Link to ETH Vorlesungsverzeichnis

Program Overview

1. Session, 20.02.2015  –  EEG Signal Processing Basics (Gabor Stefanics)

2. Session, 27.02.2015  –  The convolution theorem, and the discrete time Fourier transform (Eduardo Aponte)

3. Session, 06.03.2015  –  Wavelets and wavelet convolution (Frederike Petzschner)

4. Session, 13.03.2015  –  Band‐pass filtering and the Hilbert transform (Jakob Heinzle)

5. Session, 20.03.2015  –  Short‐time Fast Fourier Transformation; Multi‐taper analysis; Filtering as implemented in SPM12 (Daniel Renz)

6. Session, 27.03.2015  –  Time‐frequency power, and baseline corrections; Inter‐trial phase clustering (Sandra Iglesias)

7. Session, 27.03.2015  –  Spatial filters 1 (Surface Laplacian, PCA, ICA) (Sudhir Shankar Raman)

03.04.2015  –  no seminar (Good Friday)

10.04.2015  –  no seminar (Easter holiday)

8. Session, 17.04.2015  –  Spatial filters 2 (Basics of single dipole and distributed source imaging) (Lars Kasper) Modified code from Lopez et al. (SPM12 compatibility) is available here.

9. Session, 24.04.2015  –  Connectivity 1 (Introduction to the various connectivity analyses. Phase‐based and Power‐based connectivity) (Andreea Olivia Diaconescu)

01.05.2015  –  no seminar (Labour Day)

10. Session, 08.05.2015  –  Connectivity 2 (Granger prediction. Mutual information. Cross‐frequency coupling. Graph theory) (Lilian Weber)

11. Session, 15.05.2015  –  Connectivity 3 (Dynamic Causal Modeling of EEG) (Tina Wentz) Download handout here.

12. Session, 22.05.2015  –  Joint Analysis of EEG and fMRI (David Cole)

13. Session, 29.05.2015  –  Statistical analyses (Advantages and limitations of different statistical procedures; Non‐parametric permutation testing; Within‐subject and group‐level analyses) (Justin Chumbley)