SPM Course 2016

Zurich 2016 SPM Course for fMRI

Thank you all for a wonderful 10th Zurich SPM course! The talks and tutorials offered during the course can be accessed here.


BOLD Physiology (Jakob Heinzle) Pre-processing (Lars Kasper) The General Linear Model for fMRI analyses & Tutorial (Frederike Petzschner) Statistical inference and design efficiency (Andreea Diaconescu)

Multiple comparison correction in SPMs (Justin Chumbley) Experimental design (Sandra Iglesias) Event-related fMRI (Christian Ruff) Resting state” fMRI . . . → Read More: SPM Course 2016

HGF Toolbox v4.0

Version 4.0 of the HGF Toolbox has been released.

The HGF Toolbox implements many variants of the hierarchical Gaussian filter (HGF) and many other models used in time-series modeling, such as hidden Markov models, hierarchical hidden Markov Models, Rescorla-Wagner, etc.

The main highlights of this release are

– the new PDF documentation,

– the new interactive demo, and

– the greater ease of configuration.

Configuration is now easier because of the replacement of the parameter theta in the HGF models by its log-transformed equivalent, omega_n, where n is the number of levels in the model. This parameter is estimated . . . → Read More: HGF Toolbox v4.0


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