Lars Kasper

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PhysIO Toolbox

The PhysIO Toolbox can be downloaded as part of the TAPAS software collection of the TNU.

Example_FContrast_RETROICOR_SingleSubj The general purpose of this toolbox is the model-based physiological noise correction of fMRI data using peripheral measures of respiration and cardiac pulsation. A comprehensive description of the toolbox can be found in the remainder of this article and in the accompanying quick start manual and handbook.

Current Version: r671 (February 2nd, 2015)
(Code | Examples | GettingStarted | Handbook) New features include:

  • Compatibility tested for SPM12, small bugfixes Batch Dependencies
  • Cleaner Batch Interface with grouped sub-menus (cfg_choice)
  • New model: ‘none’ to just read out physiological raw data and preprocess, without noise modelling
  • Philips: Scan-timing via gradient log now automatized (gradient_log_auto)
  • Siemens: Tics-Logfile read-in (proprietary, needs Siemens-agreement)
  • All peak detections (cardiac/respiratory) now via auto_matched algorithm
  • Adapt plots/saving for Matlab R2014b

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