SPM Course 2016

Zurich 2016 SPM Course for fMRI

Thank you all for a wonderful 10th Zurich SPM course! The talks and tutorials offered during the course can be accessed here.


BOLD Physiology (Jakob Heinzle) Pre-processing (Lars Kasper) The General Linear Model for fMRI analyses & Tutorial (Frederike Petzschner) Statistical inference and design efficiency (Andreea Diaconescu)

Multiple comparison correction in SPMs (Justin Chumbley) Experimental design (Sandra Iglesias) Event-related fMRI (Christian Ruff) Resting . . . → Read More: SPM Course 2016

Fallkolloquium Autismus Spektrum bei Erwachsenen

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EEG Course

Course materials can be found here. Please note that this course is held during the Computational Neuroimaging Clinic (location: ETZ building room H91) Day Topic Speaker Literature 01.10 Principles of EEG 1: oscillations

Presentation 1

Presentation 2 Saee Buzsáki, G. (2011). Rhythms of the Brain Buzsáki et al. (2013). Scaling Brain Size, Keeping Timing: Evolutionary Preservation of Brain Rhythms 15.10 Principles of EEG 2: event-related potentials

Presentation Rike Klimesch, W., Sauseng, P., Hanslmayr, S., Gruber, . . . → Read More: EEG Course

CNC (Computational Neuroimaging Clinic)

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