CPS HS 2014

Computational Psychiatry Seminar HS 2014 Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Helene Haker, Maya Schneebeli, Klaas Enno Stephan

When: Friday 14:00 (sharp!) to 16:00, 19.09.2014 to 19.12.2014

Where: ETH Z├╝rich, ETZ building (Gloriastrasse 35), room F 91 (F floor)

Credits: To receive credit points you can either (a) give one of the scheduled (N.N.) presentations, covering the topics and the literature suggested or (b) perform a computational modeling project and present it in the last session of the seminar (19.12.2014).

Download the full program with reading list: CPS_HS14_Autism_v1.4.pdf Download the suggested literature: Reading_CPS_HS14_Autism.zip Click on the name of the . . . → Read More: CPS HS 2014

Fallkolloquium Autismus Spektrum bei Erwachsenen

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